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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogging with students!

I found this video excelent!!!! Very comprehensive, but yet concise!


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  2. sorry, dude.
    I posted a comment in the wrong place.

  3. Hi, Rick.

    I completely agree with you: "I found this video excelent!!!! Very comprehensive, but yet concise!"

    I wondered, before I saw the video, how something could possibly be both comprehensive and concise, yet this unlikely combination of qualities definitely applies.

    The video is also well put together. In addition to being attractive and informative, it's also highly engaging because what she says is not the same as what we see; instead, we see examples, not duplications or repetitions in written form, of what she is discussing. Moreover, the video's content load is indeed rich: any one of the individual topical portions of the video could provide the basis for a great deal of discussion.

    I think a video like this could be both an excellent introduction and also an excellent summary of a course on educational blogging (i.e., used as both beginning and ending activities).

    Thanks for the link, Rick. It's a very, very good (and highly informative and useful) one!

    All the best—

    Dennis in Phoenix

  4. Dennis, your support is very valuable to the fearless blognaut! LOL

    Thanks mate

  5. Hey, mate.

    You're 100% welcome! You've definitely got my support!



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