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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear fearless friends,

I've bumped into this article (after some googling, of course!) and I started wondering. Who hasn't received a present that they trully disliked? A pair of socks? A photo frame? A saucepan, maybe?

Family members tend to be dull when it comes to gift giving. They are usually so predictable!

Sometimes, they will give you a present they had already given in past occasions.

Sometimes, they ask you what gift you'd like to receive just to find out later they can't afford it.

They mean well, of course. They're your blood, after all!!!

I remember my dear dad when he gave me a pricey shirt, two numbers smaller than my "bellyceps". He told me sweetly: "This shirt will be hanging in your wardrobe for as long as it takes you to lose enough weight so that you can wear it." Unfortunatelly, I have never worn the piece from the fashion garment industry!

My question is: Are you a careful giftgiver? Have you ever given a gift to find out later that the receiver didn't like it? Have you ever received a present that you trully disliked?

Talk to us, leave your post!!!

Rick, the fearless blognaut


  1. Hi, Fearless Rick.

    This is a terrific post! I liked the witty, funny (I'm still chuckling) story of the pricey shirt that your dad gave you very much—not only because it was a "good read," but also because it made me think of similar experiences that I've had.

    One experience involves a gift that I liked a lot at first, but didn't like at all later.

    When I was a kid in elementary school, I delivered newspapers in my small home town, and at Christmastime one year, one of my customers gave me a small box of chocolate-covered cherries. I liked them, but so did my sister and brother, and I was able to enjoy only one or two of those yummy candies.

    I was the first grandchild of my maternal grandmother, and when Mammaw Cook heard about what happened, she decided to do something about it: she bought a gargantuan box of the same candy, hid it at her house, snd only removed it from its secret location when I went (alone) to see her. When I got there, she immediately got the box of candy (which seemed to get bigger each time she presented it), handed it to me with a smile and a wink, and made sure that I had as many chocolate-covered cherries as I wanted (and always encouraged me, when I'd had my fill, to "have just one more"). Being a dutiful, approval-seeking kid, I of course did as she asked.

    That gift from my granny was a very special treat . . . the first time she brought out the giant box and said, "Dig in!" During every subsequent visit for what seemed a long, long time, however, I considered moving to Lithuania or changing my identity because I came to despise those gooey, over-sweet confections. I never did tell my granny how I felt, though, because her clandestine, just-between-the-two-of-us gift was expensive and I didn't want to seem unappreciative or to hurt her feelings.

    I did finish off the box (finally), but would you believe that I've never cared for chocolate-covered cherries since then? To this day, I get a stomache ache just thinking about that particularly memorable Christmas gift!

    Dennis in Phoenix

  2. Dear Dennis .. that's what people say...

    Grannies ans candy = a perfect match!!!!

  3. I have definitely been there! I remember that when I was a teenager, I used to like Banda Mel. So I gave my cousin their album as a birthday present. The thing is... I liked it, she didn´t. Eventually, she gave it away, naturally. I don´t blame her. Come on, who gives people presents that reflect the giver´s preference and not the receiver´s? Crazy huh?

  4. Oh, so many memories...
    I remember I had a class that knew I was into music so they decided to give me a CD. They said it was really cool and that I would love it. What is my surprise to find out it was the latest "Rio Negro & Solimões" CD. At the time I didn't know if that was music or a geography class CD-ROM. When I listened to the CD I had my answer: SERTANEJO!!! Anyway, I didn't throw the CD away. I regifted it to my maid and she loved it. Clever, huh?

  5. Luiz, you are definitely a blessed soul. I would ahve thrown the CD away immediatly!

  6. Once my husband had a tooth surgery and just after it, I was going to celebrate my birthday. He tried to be nice, wrapped some bills (worth like R$ 500,00!), put them in a box and gave money to me as a gift. I got really mad! I told him that I didn´t want money, but the consideration of someone choosing something special to me, even if it was just a card. Well, poor husband! I was really tough on him and could be more considerate. However, I must say that he gets better and better in trying to find me the perfect gift. I know that he sweats a bit trying to decide what to buy, but now he understands it´s not about money or price, but showing that you care...I don´t know, maybe I souldn´t be so demanding, but I can´t help it!

    Rick, congrats! You´ve gotten the blogging spirit. What a nice post. It makes us jump in and tell a story...

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